Nick decides to take the plunge and ask Juliette to marry him but when he plans a romantic get away with his girl, he finds you can take the boy out of the city but you can’t take the Grimm out of the boy.


Nick is trying to tie things up at the precinct before leaving out of town. Hank assures him that everything is being taken care of and that the “wheels of justice” will still turn for one weekend with him gone but Nick doesn’t seem to want to leave. He confides to Hank that he’s worried Juliette may say no to his marriage proposal but after a quick pep talk, Nick finally leaves much to Hank’s delight.

A scared young woman is on the phone talking to a man who was supposed to pick her up at Whispering Pines, coincidently the same place that Nick plans on taking Juliette for the weekend. The man says that he can’t come because his car broke down on his way over. The woman is frantic. She tells him she can’t stay there any longer as she barely got away this time. She doesn’t know if she can do so again. He promises he will get her tomorrow.

The love cookie is still affecting Hank as he is now using the police computers to track Adelind via the GPS on her phone (stalk much do you Detective?). Wu seems back to normal… until he eyed the paper clips and popped one in his mouth.

Meanwhile, the young woman hurries back to the house she escaped from hoping that the person there didn’t notice she was gone. As she got to the front door, her captor saw her but she just told him she needed some air and went outside. Not happy to find her there, he grabs her and turns into a cat-like Wesen. Frightened, we see her briefly turn into a bird like Wesen. He tells her it’s time to feed and hauls her into the house as she terrifyingly watches him make her a fresh worm bait milkshake.

Nick is lost as he tries to find the road to the house where he and Juliette have rented for the weekend. He stops by the cat Wesen house to ask directions and as the husband answers the door, he tells Nick that he is close to his destination – just right next door. A sound is heard in the back and the man turns to yell as his wife, Robin. As he does so, Nick sees him turn into a Wesen. (At this point, Nick is thinking, “Oh crap!”)

While the men are talking, Juliette sees Robin at the window. She has a scared look on her face that affects Juliette. Then she sees Robin’s husband lead her away from the window. Juliette tells Nick that she’s getting a creepy feeling from the house but Nick tries to brush her concerns away.

Back in Portland, Hank is still stalking Adelind and is parked outside her home. He tries to phone her and sees through her window that she ignores his call and lets it go to voicemail. Just then, he sees another guy come to her door and she greets him with a kiss on the lips and leads him inside. Hank is not too happy right now.

Nick has the mood all set for Juliette. The fire is lit, the champagne bottle is opened and as he goes to get some glasses, Juliette hears the husband yelling at Robin next door and dragging her back into the house. Juliette tells Nick to do something so he calls the police (after all, the last thing he needs is to get involved with Wesens with Juliette around!).

So why is the husband so upset? Well, it looks like Robin is not eating her milkshakes so he straps her up to a contraption that forces her mouth open. He places a tube into her mouth and the blended food is forced down her throat.

Hanging out in the car waiting for Adelind’s booty call to come out doesn’t sit well with Hank so he decides to wait by the guy’s car to confront him. He warns the guy to never come back but when he lays a hand on Hank, Hank fights back and pulls out his gun. He does his impression of Clint Eastwood hoping that his day is made and the guy decides to leave.

Back in the woods, while the feeding process is going on, the police arrive at the Wesen home. The Wesen answers the door and allows the police officer in. Across the way, Nick sees that the sheriff has arrived and so everything is being handled. Juliette, however, is not content. She tells Nick she keeps having this feeling that trouble is following them and wants to talk about the strange things that’s been happening to them lately. Nick flashes to the times when their house was broken into and when Juliette was kidnapped. He promises that all that all that “stuff” will calm down but she doesn’t believe it. As she looks out the window, she sees the sheriff’s car drive away and is upset no arrests were made.

Later, we find out that Adelind’s booty call was a set up by Captain Renard. The man is very respectful to Renard as one expects a subject to be to royalty. He thanks the Captain for the opportunity to help before he bows his head and leaves.

After Juliette falls asleep, Nick calls Monroe for help as he “couldn’t bring the trailer” with him on this so-called romantic getaway. Monroe, not happy to be woken up at 2:30am on a day he has a Bikram yoga class, agrees to help. Nick describes his neighbor as a cat. Monroe tells him that he has encountered a Klaustreich and shares a story of how one stole his girlfriend in high school. He tells Nick to watch his back.

While Robin makes arrangements to get away with Gary the grocery worker, she runs into Juliette. Juliette comments how wonderful the town was and drops the fact that Nick is a detective (hint hint) and tells Robin that if she needed any help… and hands her Nick’s card. At the checkout, Robin sees Nick and turns into a bird-like Wesen in front of him.

Love is in the air as Monroe is visiting Rosalee at the shop. As she is putting away supplies, she finds passports that belonged to her brother with three different identities. Just then Nick calls and asks Monroe about what he saw. Monroe is surprised as he tells him it’s a Zeltenvogel but they are supposed to be extinct. Zeltenvogels were highly valued and were kept as prisoners like concubines or parakeets. They were considered valuable because once in their life they produce an Unbezahlbar, a dense mineral gold like deposit that develops in the throat sac like an egg (yes, yes… it’s the wordy way of saying it’s a golden egg). Monroe tells Nick that he needs to save the Zeltenvogel as she will probably not survive the Klausteich once the egg is delivered.

Robin sees her chance to escape as her husband receives a call and tells he he has to leave to help out a friend. As she runs out of the house, Nick and Juliette see her go. Nick is concerned and leaves to follow her. Juliette offers to go with him but he tells her it’s safer if she stayed put.

Hank calls Adelind and this time she answers the phone. Caught off guard, Hank first petulantly complains he was expecting her voice mail then asks her out. Adelind accepts and the deceit goes on.

Gary is anxiously waiting for Robin and when he hears a noise, he thinks it’s her but instead it’s the Klausteich. Needless to say, Robin will need to find another way to leave the nest.

Speaking of Robin, she finally gets to the getaway car but once inside, she sees that she’s too late. Gary is dead (which usually happens when your head is ripped up). She gets out of the car in sheer terror but hubby Klausteich is there and not happy that she tried to get away. Nick is still trying to track Robin when he hears a car start. As he gets to the road he sees a truck leaving and realizes it’s too late. Nick does, however, find Gary’s car with Gary’s bloody body inside. He calls the sheriff to inform him of the murder.

Juliette sees the neighbor’s truck come back home and the Klausteich dragging Robin into the house. She calls Nick and he tells her he’s on his way back and to stay in the house.  Inside the house, it’s feeding time again but this time Nick returns back to stop the process. The Klausteich puts the feeder on high and heads to attack Nick. A fight ensues and Nick is able to save Robin. He takes her next door and Juliette tells them not to worry and that the sheriff has arrived. Robin informs Nick that the sheriff is in on the scheme to steal her egg/ Unbezahlbar.

Juliette sees that the sheriff and the neighbor are on their way over. Robin panics and runs. Juliette tells Nick to go after her and that she’ll sneak outside and call the state police. As she’s talking, she pulls out a gun (guess those shooting lessons did come in handy after all!).

Nick finds Robin in the woods on the ground. It delivery time and she tells Nick he has to take out the Unbezahlbar. He FaceTimes Rosalee (gotta love the iPhone!) for help. She tells him he needs to cut the Unbezahlbar out of her and proceeds to talk him through it. The surgery is a success! The patient, Robin, lives and so does her Unbezahlbar.

Unfortunately, the Klausteich cousins saw the whole thing and now want the Unbezahlbar. Aiming a gun at Nick, they demand they give it to him. But Nick knows that if the Unbezahlbar is damaged, it becomes worthless so he starts playing with it threatening to drop it. He throws it up in the air and as both Klausteichs look up, Nick tackles the sheriff to the ground. The other catches the egg and makes a run for it. Not wanting to be late to the party, Juliette shows up shooting off her gun. Nick tells her to keep an eye on the sheriff as he runs after the other Klausteich. Trying to get away, the Klausteich trips causing him to release the egg into the air where it hits a tree branch and shatters into millions of pieces. Nick is able to apprehend the suspect and the case is over.

Back at home, Nick realizes that there may be no right place to ask for Juliette’s hand and decides to pop the question with no pomp or circumstance. With a forlorn look on her face, she answers… ”I can’t.”  Nick is shocked! She tells him she can’t right now because she feels that he has become closed off since Aunt Marie’s death. She doesn’t feel like she can say yes until he can be totally open with her. Nick is devastated and Juliette wonders why he won’t tell her what he’s hiding.

Hank, however, is on cloud 9 as he finally gets his date with Adelind and as the camera pans out, the song ‘Season of the Witch’ plays. How apropos…

This episode moves Nick’s story forward and again emphasizes Aunt Marie’s warning that Nick needs to know the difference between the good Wesens and the bad ones. Nick seems to get it now especially since he failed to do so with the Queen Mellifer. Captain Renard is laying the pieces to his plan in place and will soon make a move that will let us know where he truly stands in the war between the Grimms and Wesens. His plan involves Hank but to what end? And what about Sgt. Wu? He only ate one cookie as opposed to Hank’s many and I’m sure people will soon talk once they realize the missing office supplies. I won’t even go into the horrors of how the objects Wu is ingesting will go get out of his system!

Looks like Nick has another Wesen ally in Rosalee but Monroe may not be too happy with that as he knows the danger of helping a Grimm if the word gets out. He’s finally found someone who’s not into the violent aspect of being a Wesen unlike his past girlfriend but the finding of the passports may pose a problem. What was Freddy involved with? He had a passport from Germany.  Is he involved in the Grimm killings that happened in Antwerp, Belgium?

And what now with Nick and Juliette? Can they go on as a couple now that she turned down his marriage proposal? There seems to be more about Juliette than meets the eye as it looked like she already knew Nick’s secret but just wanted him to tell her. But what is her secret?

The episodes are slowly becoming more revealing as each one airs leading to what is hoped to be an exciting season finale. What are some of your thoughts about Adelind, Captain Renard and Juliette?

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