Lionsgate is in full damage control mode promoting it’s big budget tent pole movie ‘Ender’s Game’, due to hit theaters on November 1st and boasting an all-star cast led by Harrison Ford.  The controversy comes as a result of writer Orson Scott Card’s very vocal opposition  to gay equality and rights, resulting in one group calling for a boycott.  Card issued a response, which probably hurt his cause more than it helped.  Finally, Lionsgate issued an announcement that they were holding a benefit screening for LGBT charities and reinforced their long-running support of the LGBT community.

Of course that wasn’t going to be enough.  Lionsgate held a panel at San Diego Comic Con International and showed off a  special effects-heavy, action packed clip to promote the film.  Then during the Q&A section, one attendee asked about the controversy.

Producer Roberto Orci quickly replied:

“You never want to invite controversy. Obviously, we were first concerned by anyone who might be hurt by anything that comes up with anything that we’re associated with, but we decided to use the attention on us to completely and unequivocally support Lionsgate/Summit’s statement in defense of LGBT rights and all human rights. A lot of people worked on this movie, and a lot more people are working to get this movie out and to market it. I would hate to see the efforts of all these people thwarted by the opinions of less than a percentage of people behind this movie, particularly because the message of the book and the movie is tolerance, compassion, empathy.

So rather than shying away from the controversy, we’re happy to actually embrace it and use the spotlight — no matter how we got here — to say we support LGBT rights and human rights.”

According to The Vulture, when the question was asked, it was initially greeted with grumbles, as many fans weren’t seeking a political question during what is supposed  to be a fun getaway, but when Orci completed his response, it was greeted with a hearty round of applause.

Is this the end of the controversy?  We can only wait and see…