Although some people stick with one costume throughout their time at Comic-Con, Day 2 of the San Diego Con often means a chance to show off more of your handiwork on a whole different costume to adoring fans. It’s not uncommon for people to come prepared with 3 or 4 different costumes that have been worked on for the past year. For the photogs out there, time is of the utmost urgency, because if someone in an amazing costume passes you by, you might not get another chance to recreate the moment.

As one of the cosplayers you’ll see below — I’ll let you guess which one — I can admit I’m glad I brought normal clothes and comfy shoes for the coming days. Cosplaying is exhausting but so much fun. There’s something to be said about the pride of taking on the persona of one of your favorite characters in a costume you put together yourself.

Take a gander at some of Friday’s more popular outfits. What would you cosplay as if money were no object?