‘Heroes’ was the story of a group of regular humans who suddenly found themselves waking up with amazing powers. It had a huge fan base, but like many shows, it suffered from the writer’s strike that put quite a few series on hiatus. That and mixing in some story lines that the masses didn’t particularly agree with, and the show ended up getting the ax. Yes, many TV shows are cancelled before their prime and ‘Heroes’ was one of them. The creators had more stories to tell and fans demanded to know what happened. However d,ue to low viewership and budget issues, the show just had to end.

Fortunately these days there is a solution that has worked for a multitude of science fiction franchises – comic books.

At this point ‘Jericho‘,’ X-Files‘, ‘Firefly’, and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ have all made new seasons in comic format and now it looks as if ‘Heroes’ is following the same route. Dynamite Entertainment has worked out a deal with NBC to create Season 5 in print format and will continue right where Season 4 left off!

Tim Kring has since moved on from ‘Heroes’ once it had ended and created the show Touch (which was also recently cancelled). The new comic season will be written by Cullen Bunn (‘The Sixth Gun’, ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’) whose work I’m a huge fan of so I can’t wait to see what he does here!

According to Bunn, this is what we can expect to see as the first page opens:

“Right off the bat, Claire is going to be our point of view character. The first issue is centered more on her than anyone else. That said, you’re going to see most of those core characters early on in the first few issues, Hiro was the character I always liked most in the show for a number of reasons. So you’ll be seeing him and Sylar and a bunch of others who will get thrown back into the story early on. Claire, Hiro and Sylar will be big right off the bat, but it won’t be long before you see all the core characters.

‘Heroes’ will be debuting later this year and while it will continue delving into many of the mysteries of the show there is going to be one surprise mystery right off the bat added into the mix. What kind of twist are we about to get ourselves into? Bunn gives this tease:

“To me, this is picking up the story and taking it from where it left off, but there is a big curveball right from issue #1 of the comic. That will set a lot of what we’ve seen in the series on its ear. It’ll change a lot, but this is essentially the continuation of the TV series. I’m taking it into some bizarre, unique and unusual territory. The benefit of comics is that you can do some things there that you can’t do anywhere else.”

While there were rumors that Heroes would continue on X-Box we haven’t heard much from that in awhile and with this news, it sounds as if it won’t either.

Are you ready to head back into the world of ‘Heroes’? What do you think this mysterious curveball might be?

Source: Comic Book Resources