We’ve previously reported that there was a rumor flying around about Nightwing appearing in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ and even that three actors had emerged as frontrunners for the role.  To further complicate matters, former ‘The Vampire Diaries’ actor Steven R. McQueen tweeted a picture of himself working out and captioned it “Nightwing training, indicating that he may be playing the hero on The CW’s ‘Arrow’.

It’s still too early to confirm anything, and I doubt those involved are willing to spill the beans this early in the game.  Or would they?

Producer Daniel Alter post the following tweet on Twitter:

Now the first part of the tweet was stuff that’s already been rumored, but does this confirm things?  But the part about the Bat Drones, as seen in ‘Kingdom Come’ is all new… if it’s true.

I must point out that Alter is NOT working on ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ but he is working with Warner Brothers on other projects.  He may have just been privy to some insider information or he may be reacting to all the rumors flying around the internet.

This rumor joins all those regarding Barry Allen and Princess Diana (Diana Prince?) also possibly popping up in the film.  It sounds like a bit much, but Warner Brothers has a lot of catching up to do with Marvel constantly scoring hit after hit with its cinematic features.  It could really ramp up anticipation for an eventual ‘Justice League’ movie… or it could be a big bloated mess that could potentially kill any chance of that super-group movie ever happening.

What do you think?  Should Nightwing appear in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’?  And where does that leave him after that?  He’s not usually a member of the Justice League although he has served a few times, including a stint as Batman when Bruce Wayne was thought dead.  Could this be the set up for a Titans movie?  Sound off in the comments section!

Source Blastr