The tale continues with Abe Sapien trying to figure out who he really is, what his purpose is, and where he fits in the new world.

He’s had an interesting journey of self discovery and this forth issue is the beginning of a two issue arc that takes him to the Salton Sea. He’s heard rumors of a large egg from one of the giant demons that is still unhatched in the area. The egg isn’t alone, though, as there is a group of egg worshipers that are camping out waiting for it to hatch. (I may love scrambled or deviled eggs but that’s a bit far even for me.)

Not a lot actually happens in this issue, but it’s clearly a huge lead into what is going to be happening next.

While investigating, Abe first stumbles across a strange man who is also investigating the area as well as some wolf type creatures that are hanging out by one of the eggs that had previously hatched. The man is mostly ignored as are the wolves, although, I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of the wolves in next issue.

I also have a feeling the wolves didn’t attack what came out of the egg but, instead, everything that had been surrounding it. Say, a group or people who had come to worship it perhaps? Maybe whatever came from within killed them and the wolves are scavenging the remains?

There isn’t any confirmation on that but that is my theory of part of what we’ll see next issue and possibly to the three people Abe encounters. There is a couple who completely believe that these creatures are the new Gods and have come to pray for the future but it’s their friend Barry who sticks out the most.

The reason why? His intentions are clear. He doesn’t believe these are Gods and hates them. Not only that, but he seems to hate Abe by association. When Abe tries to excuse himself from the group to continue his investigation, Barry showed his true feelings by attacking Abe. While he was able to draw blood, he was quickly thrown aside and posed no real threat to our hero. Barry’s friends, including the woman he loved, told him to just leave and they no longer wanted him there. He stormed off panel and Abe walked off, not wanting to cause more problems.

The issue closed with Abe entering what water is left in the Salton Sea. The scene panned back to Barry being behind him on the shore. Once more holding the knife he had already attacked Abe with.

Next issue should prove to show us more on the egg, the wolves, and Barry. As always anything by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie would be considered good. However for this two parter we apparently mainly have John Acurdi to thank as most of the credit should be going to him. He penned the majority of this tale and if this is how he’s going to write and the second part is just as good? I want him contributing even more to the series!

Writer: Mike MIgnola, John Arcudi, Scott Allie
Artist: Max Fiumara
Colorist: Dave Stewart