Due to debut on August 9th in the US, Elysium is the follow up to director Neill Blomkamp’s science fiction hit District 9.  After that relatively small film raked in over $210 million world wide and received four Academy Award nominations, the South African film maker has understandably raised the stakes on his latest project, drawing in big names like Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.  Of course, he stays true to his past by also enlisting District 9‘s Sharlto Copely, in a major supporting role.

The film, set in 2154, depicts a split society where the wealthy live in a space station called Elysium, free of poverty, war and disease, overseen by Secretary Rhodes, portrayed by Foster.  The less fortunate, including Damon’s Max DeCosta, are forced to exist on the ruined remains of Earth.  But after Max contracts radiation poisoning on the job at a humble robotics factory, he must break into the space station in order to find a cure.  Once equipped with cybernetic parts, however, things snowball and it appears that an all-out class war breaks out between the downtrodden Earth-dwellers and the pampered citizens of Elysium.

Check out the newest action packed trailer below:

Just a month ago, After Earth fell flat at the box office.  Can Elysium prove to be the science fiction hit this summer needs?

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