UPDATE: At the request of Summit Entertainment, the posters were removed. These  images were drafts and the artwork wasn’t meant to be released to the  public, but once the official ones are released, we’ll make sure to post them. Sorry!

Ever since the ‘Ender’s Game’ trailer was unleashed, momentum for the film has been growing. While some of the author’s views are controversial, to say the least, he has some amazing talent at writing. ‘Ender’s Game’ was a true masterpiece and the trailer makes it look that this talent will shine through on the big screen.

I’m sure that having Harrison Ford really didn’t hurt things. Let’s be honest, almost all science fiction fans tend to love Mr. Ford. This is a role that will most likely resonate with fans for years to come, much like his work as Han Solo and Rick Deckard. While the trailer clearly doesn’t show off everything, we’ve been teased that many of the scenes from the film will be recreated at Comic-Con for you to explore.

Jealous I am, mmm yes. Sorry. Ford, Han Solo, Yoda. My mind works in mysterious ways at times.

At any rate, the latest set of posters from ‘Ender’s Game’  shows off the instructors and cadets in their battle gear and are prepping for war. This set of posters include Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin, the key hero of this tale, Harrison Ford as Graff, who will be in charge of Ender’s training and believes he is the key to humanity’s salvation, Hailee Steinfeld as Petra Arkanian, who becomes one of Ender’s friends and inspirations in Battle School, and Ben Kingsley, who is a hero from the first war that predated the current mess humanity is in. Finally we have Viola Davis who will be playing Major Gwen Anderson, who in the novel is the male instructor who is in charge of ‘the game’ that they are using to produce their future military leaders.

What do you think about the early previews of the film. Are you excited to see it? Do Card’s beliefs skew you away from checking this out? Let us know below after you’ve taken a look at the latest posters!