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You may have remembered that recently ‘Logan‘ director James Mangold shared that “it’s f*ck*ng embarrassing” that moviegoers love post-credit scenes and not only  is he now doubling down on that, but has thrown Easter Eggs into the mix as well!

First up, Mangold clarifies his feeling towards end-credit scenes:

“Many folks commented on my diatribe re: end credits scenes. Good points made by some who disagree. My vehemence comes from a belief these scenes r cinematic MSG/crack. Of course they feel good. They are designed to do that, like ads, as they hook you to buy the next films and at the same time, I feel like the omnipresent expectation of them cheapens the integrity of a theatrical experience as the movie doesn’t stick its ending but rather dribbles to an end with a series of pleasing vignettes/ads for the thing they will sell you next year. So its not so much the scenes I despise as much as I fear that movies (an art form I deeply love) are not advanced when they are no longer functioning as a form with a beginning middle and end but rather as part of a serialized money machine.”

Apparently, Mangold feels films must be an art form and can’t be seen as a form of entertainment which the ones Marvel Studios and the like try to release. The rest of us are sadly just wrong. His rant doesn’t stop at these after credits scenes ruining movies though, not at all. In fact, Mangold feels Easter Eggs inserted for fans who follow all the films or even comics are wrong as well.

Yes, movies should all be made as standalone and not part of anything greater says the man who took the most overused character in comics to the big screen on his last outing:

“Lastly, the term “Easter egg” is a bit infantile &, at least [to] me, feels condescending toward a thoughtful & intellectual audience that might be treated w/ more respect than imagining them as kids jumping around trying to guess storylines from breadcrumbs dropped by corporations.”

The start of that comment almost feels as if he just doesn’t enjoy the term Easter Egg but as soon as he closes it with “kids jumping around trying to guess storylines from breadcrumbs dropped by corporations” you can just tell that those of us who love these references are in the wrong as well.

I loved ‘Logan’. I love that it was mostly a self-contained story. As a fan of the genre who grew up with comics and finally gets to see these long running stories told out cinematically over a slew of movies, I can’t help but venomously disagree with the director.

Do you think that James Mangold is right and all Easter Eggs and Post-Credits do is cheapen a movie? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend