After hiring some new screenwriters to get a fresh set of eyes on the script, the next installment of the ‘Terminator’ franchise has gotten the ball rolling once again. The production has even locked in star Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear in the sequel. But the latest reports indicate that the film won’t be a sequel at all. Instead, it will be a prequel starring the most electrifying man in all of entertainment.

While wrestling fans may hear The Rock vs. The Terminator and think that the former WWE Champion would be taking on the human wrecking machine Ryback or the beast Brock Lesnar in his next match, it turns out that The People’s Champion may be squaring off with Schwarzenegger, but instead of world title implications, they’ll be fighting for the fate of the world and the safety of one Sarah Connor.

According to The Examiner, Johnson is being sought after for a part created specifically for him that puts him in the Terminator role as he pursues a young Sarah Connor and her family in the 1940s and 1950s. As for Rocky’s costar, despite his adamant declaration that he’ll be reprising his career-making role in ‘T5’, rumor has it that the former Governor of California will instead play a human who protects the Connors from this new robotic menace from the future. Then, the theory goes on to say that because of his connection to Sarah and the manner in which he protects her, this leads to the machines building a Terminator in his likeness and sending him back to 1984 to kill her.

Though none of this is set in stone just yet, partially due to Rock’s commitment to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans next April, it would certainly be the one of the biggest projects that either of these actors have been a part of in their entire careers. Certainly the box office would go wild for two of the biggest action stars in the business today.

What do you think about the supposed storyline for ‘Terminator 5’? Are you on board with The Rock sharing top billing with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Share your thoughts on the potential prequel in the comments below.