There’s something about Sookie, I suppose!  It looks like Anna Paquin’s fairy/human hybrid may be moving on from romance with vampires and werewolves this season, as HBO has just released a video clip from ‘True Blood’ of her encountering yet another supernatural slice of man candy.

After the craziness of the last episode, which saw former flame Bill’s resurrection, and the governor of Louisiana declaring war on all vampires, Sookie attempts to return to a normal life, resuming her role as a waitress at Merlotte’s.  But seeing as how nothing goes the way it’s supposed to in Bon Temps, on her way, Sookie hears someone moaning in agony in the bushes outside of the restaurant.  After everything she’s encountered over the past five seasons, initially Sookie resolves to ignore it and walk away, but as the moans get louder, her kind nature takes over and she investigates.

In the bushes, she finds a wounded man, suffering from a vampire attack.  She overhears a telepathic comment from his head and realizes that he is a fairy halfling like herself.

With Alcide away, Bill still crazy and Eric banned, will this new man, named Ben Flynn, become Sookie’s newest magical man?  Judging by comments made by British actor Rob Kazinsky who plays Ben (who will also be appearing in this summer’s Pacific Rim) it certainly sounds that way!

He teased Yahoo News:

“I have never had to be naked before and it was only embarrassing for me because everybody else was so accustomed to it after six seasons. But for me it was pretty damn terrifying.  No-one cared apart from me. They were like, just take your clothes off, now, we are running out of time. But it was absolutely jaw-dropping and terrifying. And it came out OK, I hope.”

He further commented to E! News: “I was told that I’m most naked character they’ve had over the course of one season.”  Holy smoke, how is that even possible?!

Check out the HBO teaser clip here: (Source: Blastr)

Are you enjoying True Blood Season 6 after the first episode?  Are you excited to see Sookie with a new man?  (Especially one this cute and apparent so naked?)  Are are you still shipping Sookie/Bill, Sookie/Eric, Sookie/Alcide, Sookie/Everyone But The Kitchen Sink?  Comment below!