In ‘Wonder Woman’ #21, Cassandra and the First Born arrive in London, but when they confront Diana’s “family”, Zola flees the scene, carrying her newborn son Zeke.  Wonder Woman swoops in and kicks some butt, with assistance from the rather worn Lennox.  Orion returns to assist as well, but the tide turns and the heroes must flee.  And unfortunately, someone doesn’t make it out of this issue alive.

With this issue, I felt a sense of this book’s scope widening.  We’re expanding beyond the feuding gods… although that’s still there, since everyone thinks Zeke is going to cause the end of the world.  But with Orion’s introduction in this title, we’re finally starting to see Diana encountering the larger DC Universe, which is refreshing.

Cliff Chiang’s art, as usual, is pretty great.  Overall, I will admit, it isn’t his best work ever, but there are still some pretty excellent images, especially during the battle sequences.  He seems to thrive on dramatic entrances as both Wonder Woman’s and Orion’s are nicely rendered.  And the Boomtube effects are rather nifty to look at as well.

I know the First Born will be taking over this book during “Forever Evil”, so he’ll receive some added depth.  Also taking over one issue during that event is The Cheetah.  I have been bemoaning the lack of traditional “super villains” and even traditional “super heroics” in this title, so I’m much more interested in The Cheetah’s takeover than First Born’s.  In fact, one thing that I noticed in this issue that annoys me– and which I then realized has been part of this series from the start– are all the vague accusations and allusions to the gods’ histories.  They’re all pissed off at each other for “Oh you know what you did!” reasons that aren’t revealed to the reader, at least not immediately.  Have you ever been at a bar and a couple starts arguing about something passionately and they storm out separately, leaving everyone else dumbstruck, and saying “WHAT did we just witness?!”  THAT feeling!  That’s how I feel sometimes reading this book.

So this issue had its pluses and minuses.  The art, overall was solid with some excellent moments.  There are hints at something larger coming, which I’m all for.  So it’s pretty solid all around.


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art and Cover by Cliff Chiang