Tomorrow (midnight showings tonight are technically tomorrow) ‘World war Z’ infects theaters. We’ve all known for ages that the upcoming film has little or nothing to do with the original book by Max Brooks whose name was purchased for the film. While we’ve been able to get an overall sense of the movie, it’s hard to tell who has written what at this point due to a multitude of re-writes and re-shoots. Well it looks as if The Huffington Post has received some inside information on who will be responsible for which portions of the film.

Now I warn anyone who wants to go in to see ‘World War Z’ as a blank slate to skip this post until after seeing the film. While there aren’t any major spoilers on how things shake out, there are enough that will take away from the surprise of seeing it unfold before your eyes.

In the original version of the film, the ending (which has since been cut) culminated into a full on over the top zombie attack on Russia that decimated the city. This attack was shown immediately after a similar battle in Jerusalem which is still being shown in current trailers, so most likely that scene has not been cut. Of course it wouldn’t be the first time a trailer has shown cut scenes if it actually has been removed. When the original ending was aired it was apparently met with enough negative feedback to deserve a re-write and re-shoot of what was already the most expensive zombie movie to be made so far. This is when Drew Goddard and Damon Lindelof were hired to fix things.

Apparently the ending stays the same through Jerusalem, though the moment Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, takes off and escapes the outbreak occurring is where Goddard and Lindelof’s changes begin. From every incident on the flight that occurs and everything after is all new material. So when you see him step aboard the airplane make sure to start your stopwatches to see exactly how long of the ending was changed. Also at this point, Chris McQuarrie was brought aboard to help ‘sharpen’ what the two had written. Clearly they wanted a different view point to go with these changes in writing.

What’s surprising, though, is that new information has been released stating that the introduction to the movie has also been changed and two scenes were added!

This is your last warning as the real spoilers are ahead.

The first change was to the introduction itself. The new intro has us showing Gerry an his wife Karen (Mireille Enos) being woken up by their children for breakfast. During this breakfast we get the hint, depending how it’s done, of a preemptive warning to a zombie apocalypse in the movie. On the news that they have on, there is a report of a new strain of rabies out there which are having people attack one another. Hello zombie virus.

The other two scenes involve Lane (who is driving his family in the RV from the 3 minute trailer released) having to pull over on the way to New Jersey to help treat one of his daughters who is having an asthma attack. In the second scene we see Gerry calling his wife while traveling from South Korea to Jerusalem just before he reaches what we already know will be a horrific combat zone.

We’ll soon see if these changes will make a difference at the box office when ‘World War Z’ hits theaters. Will you be seeing the film?