Earlier this week, rumors swirled about Disney adding a new ‘Star Wars’ themed area to their Hollywood Studios park in Florida around the existing ‘Star Tours: The Adventure Continues’ attraction as a part of a five-year renovation plan. Now, it appears that details of this expansion have leaked and things might be a little less awesome than originally anticipated.

According to a source very close to Comic Book Movie, there are only really two big changes coming to the Walt Disney World theme park. First, an indoor Jedi Training Academy is set to replace the ABC Sound Studio, which formerly housed the ‘Sounds Dangerous!’ audio show starring Drew Carey. Additional reports note that this new show would feature an animatronic Yoda interacting with a Dagobah-themed set.

The second addition to the park will be a ‘Star Wars’ ride aimed at younger park visitors who don’t make the height requirement for ‘Star Tours’. This new ride will take the place of the Backlot Express quick service restaurant that sits in between ‘Star Tours’ and the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

And that’s about it. Previous reports indicated that the new expansion would take out either the Muppet Theater and the ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ play area or Indy’s theater, but since the theater is used for other events throughout the year, it was more likely that Kermit and the gang would be without a home once again. However, CBM’s source says that “The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular will remain until they have a reason to replace it as the brand still makes them money especially if another film is on the horizon” and that “The Muppets 3D attraction will remain as long as Disney makes Muppet movies”. As for the play area, there’s been talk about it being converted into an attraction based on ‘A Bugs Life’, but it might just end up turning into another character meet and greet zone.

Finally, rumors mentioned at one time that a Mos Eisley Cantina would pop up in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While there are no plans currently to include the bar in the expansion, the idea isn’t completely off the table just yet.

Well, overall this news is more than a bit disappointing. While I’m relieved that the Muppets are safe for now, I was anticipating something more epic than a new show and a ride that I won’t be able to ride. Of course, there’s a chance that this may be just the tip of the iceberg and there’s more information to be uncovered. After all, we didn’t get this news from an official source, so there’s a possibility that the Imagineers have more in store for us ‘Star Wars’ fans. As I said before, wait it out until the D23 convention at the end of the summer before you go getting completely bummed about the Star Wars Land expansion.

Are you let down by this supposed plan for the new Star Wars Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? What sort of attractions would you rather fill that section of the park? Let’s hear your ideas in the comments.