As one of the most popular mobile games ever, ‘Angry Birds’ has become quite the phenomenon. Since 2009, the cast of ferocious feathered friends has left a trail of ousted oinkers in their wake through a number of different versions of the game. Now, it appears that these birds are headed to a galaxy far, far away for their next game.

According to IGN, a gif image surfaced online depicting a bird wielding a lightsaber, accompanied by the text “Times Square, New York, October 8th, 10am EST.” Later, it was revealed that at the Toys R Us in Times Square on Monday morning that ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ would be unveiled.

Along with the new game that casts the Red Bird as Luke Skywalker, the Yellow Bird as Han Solo, and the Big Brother Bird as Chewbacca, a line of Hasbro toys would be released as well. Apparently, there are “more than 50 licenses signed to create tie-in products ranging from kids bedding and apparel to toys”. Below, you can see a photo of ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ Jenga, which involves launching birds at a Death Star shaped like a pig.

Recently, ‘Angry Birds’ has already made the move into space, but I guess this brings it to a whole new level. This isn’t the first time that the game has been tied into a movie. Previously, ‘Angry Birds Rio’ was released as a marketing tool for the movie ‘Rio’. There’s even a version of the game that features the band Green Day.

I’m not really sure what George Lucas was thinking when he approved this one, but I’m sure that it’ll sell a ton of merchandise. Will you be playing ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’? Share your thoughts about it in the comments below!