After the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ story line that ‘The Astonishing X-Men’ crossed over with, you’d think we’d be moving onto something else. Not so fast true believers! The events from Astonishing X-men #62 let us know that the world was entering a new Age (something that happens a LOT in Marvel). This time, though, it looks as if we’re entering a mini-Ice Age. The ‘X-Termination’ story line may have ended but a shard of the Apocalypse Seed from the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ storyline was broken free and let loose into our world.

Specifically it was let loose from Dark Beast’s tampering with Iceman and now it would appear that his darkest desires are being unleashed upon the Earth.

Bobby Drake (Iceman) has been an X-Men since the very beginning of the group’s formation. Its very inception at the hands of Professor X had Iceman on the roster. He’s always been the good guy. The wise cracker. Think Peter Parker if he were a mutant that dealt with ice powers. One thing we don’t get a lot of input on, though, is how Iceman actually thinks. He’s a highly neglected character in the X-Men roster when it comes t0 actual character development, and when was the last time you saw a solid story told about him?

The thing is, in ‘Age of Apocalypse’ we did see a different Bobby Drake. Without humor and living in a world where survival of the fittest has an entirely different meaning. The “Age of Apocalypse Iceman” had the ability to create clones of himself as well as travel nearly anywhere through bodies of water instantly. Our Iceman doesn’t have these abilities. Well he didn’t.

This issue we’ve been seeing quite a few things happening. The world is slowly suffering a global ice storm that no one seems to know what the cause is. Storm is unable to know what is causing it and Thor has prophesied that Ragnarok is coming by ice. And with all of Iceman’s ex-girlfriends all popping up, one has to start putting 2 and 2 together.

It’s really a great feeling, from the pages of the last issue, when you realize exactly how desolate and alone Iceman has become over the years. It’s practically now beating you in the face in this issue. What happens when the funny man loses his sense of humor? What happens when it was just a cover for all that was cold in his world and finally is no longer keeping him warm enough to feel happiness. Warm enough to feel anything at all?

Iceman has decided he really doesn’t want much these days. Just what every super villain out there seems to want – the world. It looks like the shard from the Apocalypse Seed has won Iceman over to a new form of Evolution. He’s already evolved into most of the powers that Iceman from the other Universe has and with that shard backing him up, it will only grow exponentially if he isn’t stopped.

I can’t see them turning Bobby into a villain long term and I don’t see the writers killing him off. I’m a bit let down that this is probably going to be a short term arc with no lasting effects to most of the members, though I think it’s going to finally have us see Iceman grow into a major character and give him a new skill set of powers.

As usual with Marvel lately, I’m dying to see how this one turns out and am happy with the choice in expanding upon Bobby’s inner character. He’s such a long standing X-Men that it’s so strange we’ve never had a huge focus on him until now. At least not in quite awhile.

Writer: Marjorie Liu
Artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta