Quantic Dream is still hard at work developing their upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 3, but that didn’t stop them from revealing a new tech demo to demonstrate the PlayStation 4’s capabilities.

Sony fans are familiar with the work that Quantic Dream has done in the past. The Sony-exclusive developer has a habit of releasing some very interesting animated shorts, each one running on the studio’s latest game engine. Just before the release of Heavy Rain, we saw The Casting. and it was only last year that the company released another presentation called Kara. The latest, entitled The Dark Sorcerer, has been created to push the limits of what the PlayStation 4 can accomplish by presenting animation and visual effects running entirely in-engine.

You’ll immediately recognize the sorcerer himself, whose ultra-realistic facial animations were shown off during Sony’s PS4 reveal back in February, but take note of the various effects at work. The demo does an excellent job of displaying high-resolution textures and particle effects that will be used to bring new life to games during the next generation. You can watch the full 12-minute video below.