‘Mass Effect’ fans, rejoice! There is now a trailer and some scant information about the new ME game, titled ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda.’

There are a few things we can glean from this trailer. First off, the game will take place inthe Andromeda galaxy, which as anyone who’s studied any astronomy can tell you is the closest major galaxy (though technically not the actual closest galaxy since there are a bunch of small “dwarf galaxies” that are closer) to our own. This of course raises a lot of questions. How did they get there? Was there some sort of new gigantic mass relay that could take them there? Next up, the trailer shows an N7 operative searching for… something… as he scrolls through pictures of various planets and asterioids that show anomolies. Perhaps he’s hunting the bad guys, who or whatever they are. Speaking of which, who are they fighting? The trailer sure showed some impressive structures bursting out of the ground and then transforming(?). Are these more or perhaps different Reapers or are they something else entirely? Whatever they were, they had ground troops. The legs looked kind of like Turian or Quarian legs, but those could just as easily be new aliens. Is there a civil war among the Citadel races or something else? The trailer just keeps bringing up more questions than it answers!

The end of the trailer says that the trailer is “captured in engine” and “representative of game experience.” Now that sounds impressive until you read the official BioWare blog post about ‘ME:A’ where it says that the trailer “represents our visual target for the final game.” This is pretty indicative that the trailer is a pre-render and the game, as it is, doesn’t look anywhere near so good, but they hope to make it so by release. The game is currently slated for a holiday release (most likely Christmas) next year. So they currently have plenty of time to keep working on the visuals, and everything else.

There are a few more small things in the trailer, like the new Mako, which looks much faster, and the interstellar travel interface, but there’s not much more. About the only other thing worth mentioning is that the BioWare blog mentions that the character we see in the trailer is NOT who you will be playing, but it’s implied that they will be one of your teammates. As in the first BioWare games, you will play as a customizable human with the choice of either male or female. (FemShep forever!)

So just sit tight, we’ve got a while to wait. But we’ll provide more information to you as it’s released.

Who else here played the first ‘Mass Effect’ trilogy? Are you excited for the next installment? Tell us in the comments.