British newspapers are reporting that a replacement for the Matt Smith has already been found and his name is Rory Kinnear! “He has been offered the part and we are waiting to hear if he will accept,” states a TV insider.  “He is the perfect choice.”

Kinnear is familiar to American audiences for his role as MI6 officer Bill Tanner in the Bond films ‘Quantum of Solace’ and ‘Skyfall’ and while he has appeared in several television shows in the UK, he is still a “relative unknown” and not yet a household name – something that apparently appeals to the BBC as he isn’t yet instantly recognizable.

Another source stated:

“Playing Doctor Who is a big deal and there are some big names being talked about, but producers worry about bringing in a well-known star because viewers may struggle to see past their previous roles. Matt Smith proved that choosing a lesser-known talent can really work, and he’s been a big hit with viewers. It’s essential to get this decision right for the future of the series.”

All bets on Ladbrokes (an online betting site) have been suspended with the news of Kinnear being offered the role. The actor has been an odds on favorite being in third since Smith’s departure announcement , garnering a 5/1 odds which then backed into 2/1 after the announcement of his offer. He was behind Ben Daniels (‘Jack the Giant Slayer’, ‘Merlin’) who at the time was 2/1. Some of the long shots for the role included Miranda Hart, Hugh Laurie (‘House’), Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey and James Corden.

While no official word has been given by the BBC who, by the way is still insisting that no actor has been found, it is now a waiting game to see if Kinnear will take the alleged offer and will indeed be the next Doctor. What we do know for certain is that the Christmas episode is slated to begin filming near the end of the month and an announcement will definitely be made by then.

So keep checking back here because once the official announcement hits, we’ll let you know.

While we’re waiting, what do you think of Kinnear even possibly taking over Smith’s role? Would he make a good Doctor?


Source: Telegraph, Daily Mail