So much has gone on since the last time we’ve talked about ‘Superior Spider-Man’, with the biggest thing being that Peter Parker is no more! Back in issue eight, Otto discovered the last remaining fragment of the former inhabitant of his body. Then, in issue nine, the two long-time enemies faced off in a battle for control of their shared mind and body. But in the end, the amazing just couldn’t overcome the superior and the final remnant of Peter Parker was erased from existence. Now free from his former foe, Octavius had nothing to hold him back from living his own life in his archnemesis’ body.

In issue ten, the Doc began a new day without Peter fighting his every move. The chains were unshackled and was now uninhibited in dealing out his own brand of justice and in his rehabilitation of his enemy’s life. Meanwhile, the Green Goblin has been forming an army to take down this new Spider-Man, consisting of a number of villains and henchmen that have been brutally beaten down by the all-new, totally aggressive wall-crawler.

Now, in the latest issue of this awesome, but controversial series from Dan Slott, we catch up with another member of Spidey’s rouges gallery when we learn that Alistair Smythe is ready for execution at the Raft. This day is one of celebration for Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, whose wife perished at the hands of the Spider-Slayer during the ‘Big Time’ storyline. But as a precaution, Jameson calls in Spider-Man to be present at the execution in case Smythe tries to pull one last trick to save himself from death. As it turns out, these preparations were absolutely necessary, as the villain attempted to escape, but Spidey was ready for every trick in Smythe’s playbook… Except for one.

Despite how many of you disagree with me, I can’t help but say this again: I love ‘Superior Spider-Man’. This title brings such a fresh take on the decades of history that have accumulated for the web-slinger. This series has been unpredictable, exciting, and reinvigorating. From a storytelling standpoint, there are just so many things to love about it. I have a few nitpicky things here and there, but overall I am definitely enjoying where this is all going. As much as I love Peter Parker, and know that he’ll be back some how some way eventually, I’m enjoying what’s going on right now.

With Spider-Man becoming superior, his villains have to follow suit and step their game up as well. Though many have fallen at the hands of Spidey’s new brutal tactics, this arc seems to be setting up for some major pain coming Otto’s way. Smythe is a formidable opponent on his own, but the fact that he had some foresight to create some back up could be the game changer in this fight.

Finally, my favorite moment in the book had to be when Ock caught himself in saying to Norah Winters that a murderer doesn’t simply change overnight after Smythe claims to have found God while in prison. It’s a great moment to drive home the fact that the former Doctor Octopus really is trying to change and turn his life around, while still maintaining his hard outer shell. Maybe it’s even some foreshadowing… I can’t wait to find out.

There’s a hard battle ahead for Spider-Man as this arc continues, so I look forward to seeing how he handles a villain who’s arguably just as smart and tech savvy as he is in the next issue.

Final Score:




Written by Dan Slott & Christos Gage

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, John Dell, & Edgar Delgado