These days, Batman, Spider-Man and Iron Man seem to get all the glory, while the father of all super heroes, Superman, is struggling to over come the image of being “square” or “stale.”  Modern fans seems to gravitate toward heroes that everyday people can relate to, whereas super powerful heroes like Superman are meant to be ideals that one can aspire to.  But, upon closer inspection, Superman is far from a financial loser! has configured an infographic breaking down the cost of creating the first batch of Superman films versus those films’ US gross.  (This doesn’t even factor in foreign box office.)  In every case except for poor ol’ Superman Returns, every Superman movie more than made up its budget.  Even Superman IV!  (Really?  That did better at the box office than Superman Returns?!  Really?!)

The infographic even contains many comic book fun facts, breaking down the top selling years in the character’s history, including major events, like “The Death of Superman.”

Check out the graphic below:

Not too shabby, huh?  Are you excited about Man of Steel?  Do you like your Superman more wholesome or grittier?  Leave a comment below!