The season finale of ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Name of the Doctor’, gave Whovians more questions than answers. While many of those questions will be answered in the 50th anniversary special slated to air in November, one question that does get answered before then is “How did Clarence know all about the Doctor?”

To recap, Clarence DeMarco was the prisoner that was given a death penalty pardon in exchange for giving Madame Vastra coordinates to the location of the Doctor’s greatest secret at Trezalore. Viewers were left to wonder how did he gain this knowledge and know to specially ask for the reptilian detective?

Now we know in this clip that was released by the BBC. While they are calling it a prequel, it seems more like a deleted scene and will be one of the many extras that will be included in the ‘Doctor Who: Series 7 Part 2’ DVD. The scene is a great little bit of information and does make me wish there was a director’s cut of the episode.

See if you agree after watching the ‘Clarence and the Whisperman’ video below courtesy of Doctor Who TV: