Sadly, this is the final issue of this excellent series, but at least most storylines get wrapped up and it goes out in style.  Eclipso has conquered much of Nilaa, taking over House Onyx and swaying the treacherous Lord Zushan from House Diamond to his side.  He then sets his sights on House Amethyst, currently ruled by Lady Mordiel, but it’s her niece Princess Amaya that will truly hold the key to victory.  Mordiel and her estranged sister, Graciel (Amaya’s mother) must make peace in order to stand against Eclipso, also known as Lord Kaala.  Amaya is also joined by Lady Akikra the only member of House Onyx unaffected by Eclipso, Lady Ingvie the new head of House Citrine, Prince Hadran of House Diamond and Lord Preet, a humble thief that is now the leader of House Turquoise.

Considering that Eclipso is a nearly unstoppable force in the  regular DC Universe, the fact that Amaya must attempt to stop him on her own, indicates just how powerful she has become.  While the story feels a tiny bit rushed, I’m glad that everything was essentially wrapped up and the ending was somewhat open, so this concept can be revisited.  It deserves it.  This was a great series!  The eight issues released built a potentially vast mythology with infinite possibilities.  The dialogue is crisp.  The story was fresh and unique.  And the characters are fantastic!  I love Amaya and her interactions with her mother, aunt and best friend, Ingvie.  I hope we get to revisit them all again, the sooner the better!

The art, by Aaron Lopresti has been consistently gorgeous!  He certainly doesn’t phone this issue in!  He just does everything right, expressive faces, energetic action sequences, loads of detail work… it’s just rock solid all the way around.

I’m sorry to see this series go, but it was a real gem.  It’s too bad more people weren’t willing to take a chance on it.  It’s not a super hero book, so that was a strike against it, but it was consistently well written and drawn.  It’s a quality book and this issue carried on that standard.


Written by Christy Marx
Art by Aaron Lopresti with Travis Moore and John Livesay
Cover by Aaron Lopresti with Hi-Fi