I think what surprises people more than the fact Touch has been cancelled is why Fox didn’t pull it off the air sooner. Far better shows have gotten a far worse fate than Touch did yesterday, yet, here we are, the series finale which will be the last air tonight, May 10th, 2013.

This is not to say Touch is a bad show, it just wasn’t made for a FOX audience at this time. I sometimes think that in in the late 90s on a network like NBC, a show like this would have least made it to the fourth season. But sadly, it is not to be.

The fate of this show was written in its time slot, commonly known as the Friday Night Death Slot, and it was sealed when Keifer Sutherland was offered a starring role in the pilot for NBC’s The Black List, a show about famous criminal who turns himself in and starts naming names.

Sadly, it’s another blow to science fiction playing on broadcast networks, and while it will never be everyone’s cup of tea, it at least attempted to bridge the gap between the surreal and popular crime dramas left when Fringe left the scene this year.

(Source tvline.com)