The latest Wolverine series has so far put our overused fan-favorite on the path to save a child. A child whose dad was infected by an alien that was using him to cause quite the ruckus and when Wolverine eventually took him down, the alien then took over the son’s body. Wolverine isn’t a fan of mind control or people messing with children, so the man who is the best at what he does has decided that what he is going to be is the person who takes down this body snatching alien creature.

The last issue ended in a cliffhanger where The Watcher popped up to observe Wolverine and whatever was going on. Logan is apparently the only person who actually saw this happen though so it’s hard to say if he was really there (as this doesn’t seem to be an event on a cosmic scale) or if whatever they shot him with ended up being some kind of a hallucinogen. One would ask why he would end up seeing The Watcher of all things. (Honestly I’m a little annoyed they glossed over him popping up unless this is going to be a lead in to the big Wolverine event this Fall.)

Still Nick Fury Jr. and Wolverine are on the case but first things first. Wolverine needs to make a quick stop to have this bullet extracted and change into a new uniform.

Wolverine takes him to a bar that is full of people who, while aren’t heroes, work around them. Police, clean up crews, etc. It’s a fitting place for interesting tech, ideas, and oddly fitting that Wolverine would keep a spare suit in a place that also sells beer.

He bounces ideas off them and even has a great reason on why he goes there instead of to The Avengers or the X-Men (he wants nothing mind control related near Thor or the mutant children). Fitting and a good reason to bring in this group of misfits.

The science fiction feel to the enemy is pretty interesting and well laid out. We know they are a group of mind controllers and what appear to be aliens due to the tech they bring to the table and also their complaints about having to use human tech as much as they do. During the aliens attempt to pull off a heist, Fury gets a call from S.H.I.E.L.D. that the weapon that flew off last issue was tracked. Wolverine and Fury follow the weapon and are instantly able to apparently succeed in taking down the aliens. That is until another group of these aliens popup in some kind of a stealth space ship that hauls off the cargo container they were in the middle of stealing.

We end seeing the aliens having their human hosts one by one apparently kill themselves by slitting their wrists into the cargo container they had stolen. Why exactly does it need their blood? What are these aliens? Where are they from? I’m dying to know! I’m also dying to know if they are going to give these aliens their own bodies or if they’ll continue having to use others as hosts since Wolverine is really best known for taking care of enemies he can cut down and not have to out think.

I’m still not sold on there being another Wolverine series but I’m feeling a lot better about this one compared to say Savage Wolverine.



Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Alan Davis