We all already knew that Tom Hiddleston would be back as Loki in his stand alone series on Disney+ and now Disney Film Chief Alan Horn has onec again confirmed it. Not only that, but it sounds like he may have also crushed that the rumor that Hiddleston wouldn’t be the star of the series which has been making the rounds.

There was a suggestion that Hiddleston might be narrating a story about his younger years and would have him in a minor role in the film while a younger actor would be playing the part of a teenage or even younger God of Mischief. The idea sounds a lot like what was initially pitched for ‘The Dark Tower’ series before the film flopped at the box office.

However, when Horn was talking about the upcoming series, he made it sound as if the actor would be the lead depending on how you take his phrasing as Horn shared content strategies for the Disney+ platform:

“The quality of the idea and the piece itself will drive whether we can make it or not. Sean may have three or four a year that he can contribute, and Marvel has a few things — we’re doing [a series] with Tom Hiddleston playing the Loki character.”

This statement doesn’t let us know that Loki is brought back after the events of the upcoming ‘Avengers: Endgame’ as it could still very well be a flashback series. However, as a fan-favorite, it seems difficult to believe that Kevin Feige and the rest of those in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will let him stay dead. Even with Thanos declaring that there would be “no resurrections this time” we could see the events never happening if time travel is involved which would be one way around that statement.

Are you looking forward to checking out a Tom Hiddleston ‘Loki’ show on Disney+? Do you feel that we’ll see Hiddleston as Loki throughout the series or will they use this new format to introduce us to a younger take of the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter