On April 22nd a science fiction dream took the next step to becoming a reality. Mars One, a nonprofit seeking to find the crew of the first Red Planet colony started accepting applications April 22nd, and as of May 7th, the number of applicants has reached 78,000.

That is 78,000 people who took Total Recall very seriously, and decided they too needed to get their asses to Mars. There may even be a few spouses who leave their family, with the words “consider this a divorce” on their lips. And if you’re wondering how many more bad Total Recall puns I can do, the answer is I’m out of them. You are safe now.

By the way, if you’re wondering what your chances are to be one of the chosen few, with numbers as they currently are, you have around .0005% chance of getting the coveted spot. What’s even better is that Mars One is trying to make the application process, as well as the mission itself, some sort of reality television event which is a whole new take on The Real World.

Or would it be, The Real Mars? May be the The Real Outer World? I can see it now:

“The true story of four strangers, picked to live on Mars, work together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite… and start getting real.”

Essentially, each applicant needs to make a 1-minute video explaining why they should colonize Mars, not too unlike Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model, and from their about 50-100 applicants will be chosen from each of the 300 regions around the world.

By 2015, they plan to have about 28-40 applicants which they will divide into groups, which ups that percentage of actually getting the job to about .0005%, and the winners will reach Mars on April 22nd, 2023, exactly twenty years after application enrollment opened. Before you apply though, remember it’s a one way ticket. You will never see Earth again.

Still interested? If you wish to apply to be the chosen four future colonists, their are only two requirements: Be older than 18, and learn how to speak English. The application deadline is August 31st, and you can apply here.

Good luck!

(Source: NBC and Space.com)