The biggest news this issue, is the updating of another classic Aquaman supporting cast member, Topo.  Oh you know Topo!  He’s Aquaman’s octopus, but he’s been re-invented quite a bit here.  Arthur is still having trouble adapting to the role as Atlantis’ king, as he feels more attached to the surface world.  Murk continues to plot against the new king and drags Tula along with him, and involves Swatt, an Atlantean that cannot breathe water.  Aquaman continues to pursue The Scavenger, but it doesn’t go that well.

Elsewhere, Mera struggles against the icy deity that emerged a few issues ago, but winds up back in her home dimension where some startling secrets emerge.

Considering this is DC’s “WTF” month, this issue was pretty lackluster.  The image on the cover is completely made up.  The evil “Ice King” never goes near Atlantis nor does he encounter Aquaman.  The story progresses somewhat and I suppose the ending featured a big reveal, but other wise, this was far from the most essential issue.

Paul Pelletier’s art continues to impress and a few of his spreads are just gorgeous.

So the art was the star this issue, as the story was a little low key.  Not to say it was bad, but it was just a slower issue with fewer developments than usual.


Written by Geoff Johns
Art and Cover by Paul Pelletier