Power Girl finally ditches her yoga suit and is the first character in the New 52 to return to her classic costume.(for that move)

Okay kidding.  While Earth 2 is plagued by Steppenwolf, Karen Starr (Power Girl) has been sparring with rival Michael Holt, even though Holt vanished months ago and wound up on Earth 2.  So who has been impersonating Holt these last few months?  Another of Darkseid’s minions, DeSaad, who has declared war on Karen Starr and begins destroying her factories.

Once again, the art on this book is schizophrenic, delivered by three artists, Kevin Maguire, Geraldo Borges and Robson Rocha.  As great as Maguire is, his work really needs to be the ONLY artwork on a particular series.  It clashes with anyone else’s style.  The other two are different, but mesh better.  But all were great.  I have no complaints in terms of quality, but this series is just plagued with inconsistent art.

I’m not sure what to make of Power Girl’s costume switch, but I love it!  There’s no explanation in the story and she even appears in the ugly yoga suit in a flashback.

The plot seems to be leading into something larger, with DeSaad here and Steppenwolf in Earth 2, not to mention that this world was already attacked by Darkseid.  Can a company-wide crossover be in the works?  Guess we’ll see.

Overall, this issue marked a turning point for Power Girl and was suitably dramatic, but the tension wasn’t quite there.  It wasn’t a dud or anything, but it did fall short just a tiny bit.  The art was all good, but mismatched.


Written by Paul Levitz
Art by Kevin Maguire, Geraldo Borges and Robson Rocha