Because Star Trek Into Darkness can’t help but constantly tease, here is a set of new posters. Let the rampant speculation and over-analyzation begin!

First thing is first, it looks like it’s bad news for red shirts this poster run, because not only does Scotty (Simon Pegg) not get a poster, but Chekhov (Anton Yelchin), who was seen sporting a red shirt in the trailers, has no poster as well. Does this mean they won’t really be main cast? We’re just going to have find out when the movie comes out.


Though, if these posters do reflect main cast, here’s who we can assume are going to have major parts: Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Dr. Carol Marcus, John Harrison, and McCoy.

Judging from Uhurua’s poster, which looks exactly like the glimpse of her in the trailers, it’s a safe assumption to make that the rest of these posters two are shots taken from the movie, and then heavily photoshopped. Unfortunately, not much can really be determined from the images aside from whatever they are thinking about, they are thinking about it very seriously.

Moving on, it is encouraging to see Dr. Marcus’ poster after the only other two real promotional images we have of her are her screaming in fear, and her standing in her underwear. At least, here, we can see that she may be a character that will be able to hold her own.


There is only about three weeks left before we won’t have to scrape for spoilers, so hold on to your hats. The US release date has been set at May 17th, 2013, and May 10th for the UK. And for those lucky few with the Star Trek app, there is a chance to see it on the 15th!