The wait is almost over for fans of ‘Dexter’ when it returns for it’s eighth and final season this summer.  Hopefully this little trailer will slag your blood-lust until the real thing arrives, but until then, please sit back and enjoy Showtime’s newest release:

What awaits you gentle viewers? Do you think this finale season will end with a fizzle or a bang? Looks like we’ll have some beyond tense moments with Deb and Dex, but who didn’t see that one coming? Will she find away to move past her own ‘dark passenger’ and forgive her brother or will the guilt of killing LaGuerta consume her completely?

The nod to Dexter’s former homicidal-plant-loving-cute-as-a-button-psycho-ex-girlfriend as the last flower from the orchid she gifted him before she disappeared drops, could mean we’ll be seeing more of Miss Hannah McKay , but who knows? The show is chock-full of symbolism so things may not be what they seem based in this short video. By the time this thing is all over, Deb could be the new Dexter and team up with Hannah for some serious carnage but that’s just one theory…

Next we have the new poster:

It could be reflecting that in this last season, all things are pointing to Dexter and that could be a very bad thing for our lovable killer. It could however, be a very exciting thing for us viewers. Will the hunter become the hunted? Watch to find out as the beginning of the end starts June 30th.