We’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled Wolverine and the X-Men content to bring you an Age of Ultron event crossover. This is a welcomed detour because as much as I loved the end of the last issue I could use a change of scenery from The Savage Land.

Previously on Age of Ultron #5, the issue ended with Wolverine watching most of the team go to the future to deal with Ultron. At this time he decided he was going to take matters into his own hands and go back in time to stop Henry Pym before he ever had a chance to create Ultron and end the Age of Ultron before it even had a chance to begin.

We find out rather quickly though that Wolverine is not alone. The Invisible Woman could see what he had in mind and made sure to follow him. Using his amazing smell, Wolverine was able to know that she was with him but her main objective was to make sure not to let Wolverine just outright kill Henry Pym. There has to be another way to prevent the creation of Ultron and she’s going to be there to ensure that there is.

Luck is on their side as they leave Nick Fury’s old secret base (which just happens to be located IN The Savage Land. Dammit!) just in time for her to make them invisible before Nick Fury himself would appear. They end up stealing his car and running out of gas near another SHIELD base that they end up raiding for supplies. It’s this SHIELD base where a couple of things get really interesting.

While in the base two things happen that have huge consequences on the Marvel Universe. In the X-Men side of things it looks as if Wolverine is quite literally responsible for the unleashing and mutation of The Brood. It looks as if it is quite possibly mainly his fault that they became as deadly as an enemy as they had. On the flip side of things Sue found a way to push Reed into beefing up his security.

Interestingly enough it gives an entirely different view on the butterfly effect for these two characters. It apparently pushes Wolverine into not wanting to kill Pym and Sue into deciding it was what they had to do.

The events in this book take place half way through a couple scenes in Age of Ultron #6. I’m not really happy how it ended up. We already know how the characters are going to react from reading issue #6 and Sue doesn’t seem as sure of her actions in that book as she does int his one.

While I don’t mind more crossover for a major event I prefer for them to at least make sense. In Fantastic Four #5AU we at least found how the Fantastic Four took a break from their trip and got wrapped up in this event. In Avengers Assemble we found out what happened to Natasha. In this book? It had some great premes with The Brood mention but in my opinion it fell flat for how it truly fit into the Age of Ultron. This is probably my least favorite Age of Ultron tie in to date.

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Paco Medina