It’s quite obvious that fans in the US don’t need to be reminded that ‘Iron Man 3’ is being released a week earlier in the UK. Many US fanboys and fangirls will be avoiding the internet next week so as not to read any reviews about the film, but if you still feel the need for more ‘Iron Man’ footage, we have the latest clip, b-roll and a new featurette to share.

While promoting the film in Great Britain, Gwyneth Paltrow was a guest on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ and brought this non -spoilery clip of a non-typical date night with her beau (well, maybe typical as she is dealing with Tony Stark):

B-rolls, if you recall, are just behind the scenes footage that is usually shown during a televised entertainment report like on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ with the celebrity talking over it. Usually there is no dialog included but you do get to see how certain scenes are filmed. Below is close to 6 minutes of b-roll that you can immerse yourself in:

Lastly, as with all movies, promotional tie-ins are to be expected, and in this featurette, we not only get to see a little bit of Stark’s workshop, the commentary also focuses on Stark’s car of choice, the Audi R8 e-tron:

That’s quite a bit of material to go through! On a good note, it will keep you busy for a short time as you try to avoid the tweets and reviews coming out of the UK. But then again, it’s another reminder that they get to see ‘Iron Man 3’ before we do. Can you tell I’m a bit bitter?

‘Iron Man 3’ will be released in the US on May 3, 2013.