Even before J.J. Abrams was named director of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, fans everywhere began to speculate as to what the story would be and what characters could possibly make a return. So far, we’ve heard Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Billy Dee Williams have all hinted at making returns and there’s even a rumor circulating about Darth Vader popping up. But what about the droids we’re looking for? C-3PO and R2-D2 have appeared in all the ‘Star Wars’ films so far, so will we be seeing them again in the new Disney-sponsored trilogy? Recently, Anthony Daniels, the actor behind young Anakin Skywalker’s gold-plated creation, opened up about the possibility.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Daniels was quick to squash the question of his definite return for the upcoming film:

“Look, it’s all very early days and I don’t want to wear anybody out by speculating or letting you waste your energy by saying ‘What do you think?’ I’m certainly not sitting by the phone, but it’s always nice when it rings. Do you know what I mean?”

Well, so much for that. However, he didn’t say that it’s out of the question. He goes on to talk about the new films and how he didn’t anticipate more coming after George Lucas tagged out:

“It never occurred to me that it would happen. Everybody’s really happy that Disney have taken over the mantle. Kathy Kennedy is so well loved and she is carrying George Lucas’s torch so much further.”

Finally, the actor talks about the new helmer of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, J.J. Abrams, by expressing his excitement for the director to leave his mark on the beloved story:

“The old ‘Star Trek’ thing is pretty good isn’t it? He clearly knows how to make it all work and put it all together. But again that’s pie-in-the-sky to a certain extent that is the future.”

Considering that Daniels has appeared in every ‘Star Wars’ film as C-3PO, one would hope that he’d pop up in the new ones as well. Even if all the other characters like Luke and Han fall through, the droids would be a good way to connect the trilogies together.

Do you want Anthony Daniels to make a return as C-3PO in Episode VII? What do you think the chances are of that actually happening? Share your thoughts in the comments below.