If you’ve been following my reviews of Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.’s ‘Captain America’, you’d know that I’m not too fond of it. I’ve found the series to be far-fetched, unbelievable, and pretty slow. But nothing in this series has bothered me as much as what happened in the most recent issue. I mean, how in the hell is Steve Rogers still alive?!

When we last saw him in issue number five, Captain America carved out the Zola virus living in his chest. He cut a large piece of his chest out and he’s still alive and ready to face Arnim Zola. Considering that he doesn’t have a healing factor like his good friend Wolverine, there’s no logical reason as to why the Captain is still standing. Regardless, thanks to a preview from Comic Book Resources, we can see that Steve Rogers is ready to begin his retaliation against his long-time enemy in order to get his son, Ian, back.

Check out the first few pages from the upcoming sixth issue in the gallery below:

Captain America may be my favorite Marvel hero, but I’m pretty close to jumping off of this title. Romita is doing some amazing work and Dean White’s colors are really making the pictures pop, but I’m so not on board for this story. The only good thing it’s done is establishing Arnim Zola as more than a glorified henchman. Otherwise, the only reason why I’ll be picking up the next issue of ‘Captain America’ is to see how Rick Remender explains how Steve Rogers survives. And really, I got to this point in the story out of respect for the character. I’m pretty disinterested in what’s going on right now, but maybe Remender has something in this new issue to change my mind.

What do you think of Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.’s Marvel NOW book for Captain America? Are you enjoying this first arc of this new series? Do you think that it’s living up to stories that came before it? Will you be picking up the next issue when it comes out? Let us know how you feel in the comment section.