It’s a film that is on many movie goers must see list and now we have the first trailer for the Neil Blomkamp movie ‘Elysium’ for you to see!

‘Elysium’ was written and directed by Neill Blomkamp and just like the film ‘In Time’ and the upcoming film ‘Snowpiecer,’ ‘Elysium ‘ draws on the theme of an futuristic economic hierarchy between the rich and the poor (or if you’re into the PC thing, economically challenged).  The 1 percenters live in the floating city of the Elysium while the rest of society live is upon the devastated remains of the Earth’s surface.

All the creature comforts are had in the clouds such as nicer living spaces, better food and better medical care. Matt Damon stars in the film as Max de Costa who is given only 5 days to live and embarks on a mission to get into Elysium where he can be cured and his life will be saved. But, of course, he is an undesirable, and the government wants to keep people like him out of their little sanctuary and hire Sharlto Copley as Kruger to keep him out. What follows is an ambitious film between the have and have not’s and what lengths people go through when they are desperate.

The film has received a lot of great reviews when it screened 10 minutes of the film for the press. You can see why everyone is raving about it in the trailer below:

‘Elysium’ opens in theaters on August 9th in the US.