Check out the latest EXCLUSIVE preview from DC Comics! We have the first look of  ‘G.I. Combat Vol. 1: The War That Time Forgot’ which will be in a comic book store near you on April 10th!

Synopsis: This is the exclusive preview of ‘G.I. COMBAT, VOL. 1: THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT’. In bookstores everywhere tomorrow, this trade paperback collects issues #0-7 of the fan-favorite series.

Don’t miss these tales of modern-day soldiers battling pterodactyls and a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Plus: The Unknown Soldier returns! And the Haunted Tank breaks out of ARGUS’s Black Room!

Written by: J.T. Krul, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, & Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Ariel Olivetti, Howard Chaykin, & Various
Cover by: Brett Booth