Previously in the new X-Force title, we see Psylocke being sent off to help Puck on a mission to take down some new drug cartel. Storm signed on to help as she is disillusioned at the moment with her marriage coming to an end and the X-Men’s world being radically altered. Things get interesting when Spiral appeared to be in charge of things and then Bishop shows up and engages anyone trying to get in between him and the young mutant that Spiral is trying to protect.

Three issues in and there still isn’t an actual X-Force team, we just have a few people working together for a common goal. Not that this is a problem it’s just an interesting dynamic to sell a team title and still not have a team.

For the first time though we get a glimpse in this issue on how Spiral might end up on the same side as Pyslocke which, speaking of interesting dynamics, this one will take the cake for the series. I might be getting ahead of myself though. The issue opens with Bishop disappearing after  chasing down the young mutant Spiral is watching and right after Spiral being captured by the future X-Force.

Puck wants to call it a day here as they have the source of the problem that he was investigating but he is outvoted by the two femme fatales who insist they need to find out what is actually going on. With a young mutant is on the loose and Bishop being back are two things that they just can’t ignore. He quickly realizes there is no point arguing with these two women so they device a quick plan to tap into where the girl is using Psylocke’s power and then convince Spiral to port them there. Not a hard sell as protecting the young woman is all she wants to do.

She ports them all and they end up being in a pitch black location. Oh wait it’s a subway, time to hit the walls for safety!

We’re given an intense fight scene and while it plays out, Spiral takes her ward and ports away. Psylocke enters Bishop’s mind to stop the fight and we’re quickly given an interesting twist.

Someone is apparently controlling Bishop’s body and has his true spirit trapped in his mind. It looks like the nutcase from the future, whose probably not still all sane, isn’t responsible for his actions after all. Of course once Psylocke sees this she’s attacked by whatever is using Bishop as a host.

Flash forward to Fantomex and his two twins trying to secretly catch up to Psylocke and we come to the issue’s close. There is a lot of plot lines being laid out and aside from the Fantomex point of view, which I feel has been undeveloped, so far I’m highly enjoying where they are going.

It’s not your standard X-Title but the X-Force titles have long now not been standard X-Men tales. Yes, mutants are the focus but these are always of a more violent nature and so far this one looks to be trying to fill those shoes with some interesting new twists.

Writer: Samuel Ryan Humphries
Artist: Ron Garney