My last couple of reviews I was implying that the shininess of having the original X-Men in modern day times would wear off over time and that could leave us with a mediocre time travelling plot. After how much I’ve loved the series so far, I really hope that this isn’t starting to prove to be true.

We open the issue with Mysique’s crew is out robbing banks and just in general causing a ruckus. The fun part about this is that they seem to be disguised as Wolverine and the original X-Men. Ut-oh.

We pan over from here to the front steps of the Jean Grey School for higher learning where Cyclops had just announced that the X-Men who believe in his cause should come to him and join his school if they believe. Cyclops makes a convincing argument that he isn’t to blame for Xavier’s death and says if anyone feels that he is they should kill him now.

Krakoa, the giant mutant that is the Earth the school is on takes this moment to try and swallow The Uncanny X-Men whole. The timing couldn’t be better and if they didn’t instantly escape in a stylistic fighting fashion it would have been slapstick but they were able to pull even this off as serious.

They quickly get out (with Emma quipping that she couldn’t believe that happened, again) and make their offer. They are looking for students who believe in the dream that Cyclops has for the future of mutants and wants them to enroll in the New Xavier School.

Predictably most of the crowd is angered by the name and Wolverine is about to threaten Scott again when Jean whispers to him that it wouldn’t accomplish anything for him to attack.

They depart and we see Maria Hill almost get arrested from when mystique impersonated her last issue and quickly move forward. As The Avengers are busy the X-Men get the call from SHIELD about what Mystique is doing.

I’m sure that’s going to go over well.

The call ends with Cyclops returning to pickup any who will join his cause. The three Cuckoo sisters immediately join them as they have always followed Emma wherever she has gone. At the very end one other person offers to join. They don’t show us who it is but I’m going to guess we see Jean Grey offer herself as the one to go.

Next issue will most likely prove to be more All-New X-Men vs Uncanny X-Men action while Mystique gets away with more robberies and murder. I’m hoping the next issue of Uncanny ties in with this as well, mainly because I’d rather wait a week compared to a full month before I get to find out what happens next!

Now one thing I’d like to point out is visually for the most part this issue was pretty top notch. Almost all of the characters (save one) are drawn beautifully, the scenes are well done, the colors are vibrant. Even the look of the newer X-Men and the original X-Men fit so perfectly together. My question though is what the hell is with Wolverine? Did he become part rat, dog or actual Wolverine? His face is a squished in mess.

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen