In the last issue of ‘Superior Spider-Man’, Octo-Pete learned that working in a team of equals as opposed to commanding minions has it’s benefits. After he tried his out his own plan to destroy Ultron and ultimately failed, the semi-reformed villain discovered that the remaining heroes are all fighting the same fight and looking for the same results as he is. He managed to cheat death once on his own, but doing it a second time and surviving the ‘Age of Ultron’ might require a little more help.

Now, back in the regularly scheduled programming, it doesn’t seem like Otto has learned the lesson that he did in #6AU. He’s of the exact opposite mindset actually. Because Spider-Man has been exhibiting exceedingly aggressive behavior as of late, Captain America and the Avengers have taken note of this, especially since they saw how brutally beaten Screwball and Jester were after their encounter with the web-slinger. Those two are nothing but a couple of low-level pranksters, so it’s understandable that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are calling Spider-Man in to see what’s up. Of course, things don’t really go as they planned.

The first thing I’ll address is the new artistic team. This new arc that began in issue 6 marks the beginning of Humberto Ramos and Victor Olazaba’s run on the new Spidey book. I’ve been a fan of Ramos’ for a while because of his Wolverine tie-in to ‘Civil War’. Since then, I’ve always liked his style, specifically his portrayal of Logan as being much shorter than his teammates. To me, I’m always reminded of an Americanized anime style when I see his work because of the eyes that he draws. His eyes just look big and kawaii to me, and it’s an interesting contrast to the material, especially when he’s dealing with Wolverine and the Superior Spider-Man.

Next, regarding the plot, I really like where this title is going right now. It’s about time that someone noticed that Spider-Man has been acting differently and is ready to act on it. As if murdering Massacre wasn’t enough to do it, it took two barely villains and a good Samaritan like Cardiac taking a brutal beating at the hands of Spider-Man to make people realize it. And when I say brutal, I absolutely mean it. Much props to the art team because that last page of issue six is totally haggard.

Finally, the real Peter Parker is starting to make his presence known once again, even though Otto doesn’t realize it. In the preview of issue nine, Marvel is teasing that Spider-Man may not be superior for very much longer. But considering the swerves that Dan Slott has been taking us on since starting in the Spidey office, I’m pretty certain that Peter won’t have the easiest time getting his body back.

I really enjoy Spider-Man as an Avenger, but this upcoming brawl has all the makings of a Wrestlemania main event. With a great team handling the words and pictures, I’m very excited to see how it all plays out.

Final Score:




Written by Dan Slott

Art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, & Edgar Delgado