The Flash and Khalid Ben-Hassan venture into the twisted Tower of Fate, seeking the helmet of ancient sorcerer Nabu, who once possessed Khalid and nearly drove him crazy.  A great beast guards the helmet and The Flash barely manages to rescue Khalid before bravely going to face the monster, tasking Khalid with finding the helmet.  Inspired by The Flash’s bravery, Khalid once more must embrace the power of Fate.  Meanwhile, Woton reveals his origin and motivation to The Flash’s mother, whom he has taken captive.

Slight SPOILER ALERT here, although it’s already been revealed elsewhere on the web:

Elsewhere, Steppenwolf dispatches Fury to capture two of their enemies, who have been in hiding, Mister Miracle and Big Barda.

The New Gods have been popping up with increasing regularity lately, especially here and in Worlds’ Finest, and with Orion recently guest starring in Wonder Woman.  Could Darkseid be returning to close out the second year of the New 52, just as he helped launch it?  I think the answer is yes!

At any rate, I dig the redesigns of both Barda and Mister Miracle.  I’m not sure if this issue’s illustrator Nicola Scott is responsible, but I like them.  Doctor Fate looks extremely cool!  This is the ultimate synthesis of all of his previous looks.  I love the intricate Egyptian symbols on his belt and his ornate collar, but his gloves and boots add a modern edginess.  So far, I think this is my favorite redesign in this title.

As far as the writing, it’s fun, but this wasn’t my favorite book ever.  It’s entertaining, but not revolutionary.  The highlight was showcasing The Flash’s innate heroism, which inspires Khalid to embrace the powers of Doctor Fate, despite the possible damage to his psyche.  The writing is good, just a bit tame and doesn’t seem to even attempt to strive for innovation.

This title has shaped up from it’s rough beginnings.  While it’s not groundbreaking or even what I consider a must-read, it’s still entertaining with really beautiful art.  I guess I would classify it as “Not a waste of money.”


EARTH 2 #11
Written by James Robinson
Pencils by Nicola Scott
Cover by Booth, Rapmond and Dalhouse