X-Termination Part 3 heralds in the last issue of the Age of Apocalypse. I wish I could say the series ended in a bang but as it’s part of a three series crossover, it didn’t feel like a piece of closure to me. Regardless though, the story was good so we can move on.

Age of Apocalypse has been one of my favorite titles hands down, but sadly the art in this issue was not up to standard.  The style of the crossover did not fit well with the Age of Apocalypse series in general and it was just unpleasant to look at.

The focus in this issue is just on the characters from the Age of Apocalypse but it’s really spread out through all of the three X-Teams involved. While the fighting is spread between the various teams, these interactions are extremely well written and helps bring out the characters involved with the Age of Apocalypse.

On 616 we see Wolverine, Howlett, and X-Treme Xmen’s Hercules valiantly try to slow the enemy on their side down. It seems the enemy has a goal in mind, and that goal is to eat the Sleeping Celestial and drain its power. Prophet mainly stays off to the side and observes through most of this giving out one piece of advice that doesn’t really buy them any time.

Speaking of these creatures we still don’t know too much about them. Clearly they want to eat everything Galactucus style but we aren’t given details on much past that. In fact they don’t even have a name for themselves or their race (which makes writing about them rather annoying.) Basically it boils down to that they are bad and our x-heroes are good.

In the Age of Apocalypse we see a few great moments while Jean Gray’s team goes to retrieve the Apocalypse Seed. They are in a race with the creature that is in their world who has the same goal. Jean and Kurt have a wonderful moment where Jean shows that her only trust with who is with them is in him. Through this entire dialogue we can see that internally Kurt is in pain for being the cause behind this. He’s honestly not that different from our own Kurt who has passed on and you can feel the self blame eating him up on the inside.

The issue ends with things not going well in the 616 universe as the big bad guy gets to the Sleeping Celestial and Dark Beast finds a way to steal the Apocalpyse power in AOA. Clearly things aren’t looking good for our heroes.

Spoilers ahead: We do see a few deaths in this issue. Much like AOA’s Xavier, Sabertooth and his son Graydon Creed dying last issue, and in this one we see AOA’s Fiend and X-Treme X-Men’s Hercules apparently bite the big one. (Which makes me wonder would he now end up in the Earth 616 Valhalla or the one from his own universe?) That’s 6/21 of the main heroes in this series down. Unsurprisingly none of them are from the 616 Universe. While the AOA and X-Treme X-Men series are both coming to an end I wonder how many of each team we’ll see fall before that happens.

If there wasn’t more of the story going on through the rest of the crossover I’d probably be even more annoyed with how they treated the end of this book. From bad art to no real finalization to only touching on the characters with how many are in play it was a let down. As a crossover issue it was fine (aside from the art) as the last issue of a series, even a short one, it was a letdown.

Writer: David Lapham
Artist: Roberto Delatorre