With only one episode left until the curtain falls on season 3 of Being Human, Sally’s condition comes to a head as Josh and Nora prepare for their Thursday nuptials in ‘Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive’.

Our necrotizing former ghost, current living zombie, starts off as the focal point of Donna’s TLC as Sally’s strapped to a slab, ready for the witch to dissect her. She wakes up from the less than pleasant dream only to be reminded of just how bad of shape she’s in. Her moroseness is shared by Aidan, who watches over the still sleeping Kenny. So far, everything looks good for the soon-to-be vampire though Aidan decides to chain him up for good measure. You know, one of those ‘just in case’ scenarios. Josh and Nora are awake and ready to enter into marital bliss, though Emily’s absence is weighing a bit on Josh’s mood. Nora, as she’s been in the last few episodes, is the voice of positive direction, telling Josh that his sister will find her way back to him.

It’s always been the three of them from the start

The happy couple goes downstairs to find the living room decorated for a wedding and their resident vampire cooking up some deelish breakfast. Kat with the Pretty Eyes shows up and spills the beans to Nora about her and Aidan’s tryst and how he may have dipped out on her during the night. Nora’s a bit taken aback—though not in the negative way—and shows once again how much of a 180 she’s done as it relates to Aidan, championing him in front of her friend. When Nora goes to see Sally (who is in terrible shape) Kat and Aidan have an awkward chat on the couch. She’s definitely smitten with him and is expecting the worst but he gives her a semi-truthful explanation though doesn’t hedge on his feelings for her; they end up smoothing things over when Nora calls him away.

The three ambulatory roomies discuss Sally’s current condition and during the convo Aidan slips and calls Kat his girlfriend. Knowing they have to take care of Sally, Nora promises to get Kat out of the way and the two guys join Sally in her room. They talk about strategy once Sally dies; can she avoid the door or will she have to go through it? Aidan reminds her that she will have to fulfill the bargain and since it’s a doorway created by Donna, Aidan will be her backup and go through with her. But he won’t be the only one; when Josh tells Nora about Aidan’s plan, she tells her fiancé he will have to go as well.

Before Sally deteriorates fully, her and Nora bond over some new clothing so Sally can haunt them in style. Their fun time is interrupted when Sally tells her friend “it’s time”. She ends up giving Nora a dali; it’s an Indian piece that symbolizes marriage. As she slowly falls into death, Aidan gives her some pointers she needs to have courage and she finally gives up the ghost. As her ghostly self comes back, they look for the best weapon to use against Donna. Aidan goes Mortal Kombat and rips out her heart. The door appears and the three original roomies head through the door. In the new dimension, Josh comes across his wolf and Aidan his son Isaac. Both are attacked by their visions but they end up falling back to Sally’s feet and see Ray waiting for them. Knowing it is his job to answer for his sins, Josh sends Aidan and Sally away, intent on confronting Ray one-on-one.

As Josh fights Ray, Sally and Aidan reach Donna. The witch isn’t doing well at all. Sally uses the incantation which ends up showing Donna’s true face; that of a 300 plus year old witch. She eats the souls of others to maintain her healthy complexion. Aidan tries attacking her and she force pushes him out of the fight. Meanwhile, Josh goes boss on the now werewolf Ray, decapitating the Donna controlled vessel.

She’s alive!! Or a ghost…again

Donna and Sally face off with the former talking about the balance of things. As she readies to eat Sally, Aidan throws Sally’s heart into the fire and the flame consumes the witch though she’s not in any discomfort. Instead, she fires it at Sally and, before it consumes her, the ghost tells Aidan and Josh she loves them before Donna ingests her essence. Ms. Witch Bitch’s satisfaction doesn’t last long; the soul consumption gives her a bit of indigestion and she explodes in a shower of light. The new ghostly Sally reappears next to her body along with Aidan and Josh. They’ve won and celebrate by relaxing on the steps and taking it easy.

Easy doesn’t last when Emily comes by and, despite the situation, demands that a wedding is going to happen like now! Aidan and Josh have some quality time together and the vampire tells his werewolf bestie “This is what it’s all about…our experiment.” The whole being human thing looks to be a success as friends and family watch Josh and Nora’s nuptials in the living room. They drive off on their honeymoon and everything has worked out.

But has it?

As Emily blows out the candles, she doesn’t see the flames rise up even stronger. A quick peek at Kenny shows his appearance has changed and resembles vampire Jeff. Oh, and not to mention the now one-eyed Liam confronting Nora outside of her and Josh’s honeymoon cabin. So, of course there’s going to be some shiznit hitting the fan on next week’s season finale.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.