Just a few more hours before Whovians get their first look at the Doctor’s new nemesis the Spoonheads, and just like with the Weeping Angels, these new creatures will also have their own warning catch phrase.

We’ve been warned by the 10th Doctor to “Don’t Blink” when it comes to angel statues made of stone, and it now looks like we’re being warned about the wi-fi as the idiom for the Spoonheads is “Do. Not. Click.”

The warning comes from this viral teaser from someone named Nabil who tells us there is “something in the wi-fi” that if you click it, “they” will be in your computer. Once “they” are in, “they can see you, and if they can see you, they might choose you.” But choose us for what purpose?

We’ll soon see the consequences of clicking when the second half of Season 7 of ‘Doctor Who’ begins Saturday, March 30, at 8pm ET on BBC America.

Until then, click on the video below if you dare….

Source: BBC