About a month ago, Michael Bay announced that he was “bringing Megan Fox back into the family” by giving her a role in his new version of ‘TMNT’, which is just going by ‘Ninja Turtles’ these days. Though the filmmaker cast her as April O’Neil, that didn’t mean that she’d be allowed back into the ‘Transformers’ franchise. Nothing against Miss Fox, of course, since the whole cast is being replaced for the upcoming ‘Transformers 4’ (or at least the humans are anyway). Previously, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Raynor were cast in the film as the father of a teenage daughter and her racecar-driving boyfriend, respectively, but it wasn’t until now that the part of the young lady was officially filled.

Thanks to @S4TE, the Twitter feed of Bay’s official website, we have discovered that Nicola Peltz from M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Last Airbender’ and the recent A&E show ‘Bates Motel’ will be joining young Raynor and Marky Mark in the fourth installment of the Robots In Disguise franchise. The news came about when fans were asking if Fox would appear onscreen with the Autobots once again. Check out the tweets that revealed the latest cast member of the new film:

While some version of the script was said to have leaked back in December, the official word is that details of ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ scribe Ehren Kruger’s script are being held tightly under wraps, but we do know that these three characters played by Wahlberg, Peltz, and Raynor would be the ones interacting with Optimus Prime and his posse, who are all getting redesigns “to broaden the franchise”, which I actually read as “to sell more toys”.

Though there’s not much to judge her on yet due to her fairly fresh career, how do you think Nicola Peltz will fare amidst the Autobots and the Decepticons? Do you think that she’ll fit into the world of Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’? Share your thoughts on the young actress in the comment section.

‘Transformers 4’, which is supposed to start filming in the spring, will mobilize into theaters on June 29, 2014.