The return of ‘Doctor Who’ is just days away and to get fans ready for the premiere of the second half of the season, the BBC has released another new clip from Saturday’s return episode ‘The Bells of Saint John’.

This marks the 4th clip from the episode and gives us another look at the new interior of the TARDIS that was first introduced in the Christmas episode ‘The Snowmen’.  The scene seems to occur after he finds Clara and they go through the whole “Doctor…who?” bit as the Doctor enters the TARDIS in the same Monk outfit that he was in when he saw her. Apparently being a monk didn’t impress the soon-to-be-companion-again as the Doctor searches for a better ensemble:

It was nice to see the fez back (even if briefly) as well as the bow tie, and while I’ll miss his short tweed jacket, the long coat is a good look for the Doctor.

Written by Steven Moffat, ‘The Bells of Saint John’ is described as “’Doctor Who’ meets ‘The Bourne Identity’” which seems to continue the theme that was started at the beginning of Season 7 with each episode being a movie-like extravaganza.

Are you excited about the return of ‘Doctor Who?’ What do you think of the latest clip?

‘Doctor Who’ returns Saturday on BBC America on March 30th at 8pm ET.