Ever since Summit Entertainment announced its intentions to adapt Veronica Roth’s Young Adult thriller ‘Divergent’ into a movie, fans have been eager to put faces to the names of characters they love and hate from this post-apocalyptic tale. Announcements this week brings three more gentlemen to the cast.

Ben Lloyd-Hughes (‘Great Expectations,’ pictured left) has been announced as Will, a fellow transfer to Dauntless like Beatrice, only he’s from the wise faction of Erudite.

Ben Lamb (‘The White Queen,’ pictured center) joins as Edward, another transfer who’s dating fellow Erudite transfer Myra, and the two become hesitant friends with Beatrice, since they’re potentially vying against each other for the 10 available spots in the Dauntless faction.

Christian Madsen (‘Refuge from the Storm,’ pictured right) is set to play Al, a soft-spoken Dauntless initiate transferred from Candor, the faction that holds brutal honesty above all else.

In the ‘Divergent’ world of post-apocalyptic Chicago, when teenagers turn sixteen, their personalities are tested in a realistic simulation whose results recommend which of five factions that teenager should spend the rest of their life abiding by: Abnegation, Erudite, Amity, Candor, and Dauntless. When Beatrice Prior takes the serum and begins the simulation, her results are inconclusive, which is impossible for anyone but a Divergent — someone who has traits which fall into two or more factions. Beatrice falls into three categories and is urged to keep her Divergent tendencies a secret as she ventures forth, leaving her home faction of Abnegation into the faction of her choosing: Dauntless, the brave.

With recent news of Kate Winslet and Theo James joining the cast, it will be exciting to see the final product of all these talented actors.

‘Divergent’ is set to hit theaters in March 2014.