In a tweet that has caught Whovians worldwide by surprise, John Barrowman has announced that he will not be part of the special ‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary episode.

Ever since Barrowman made the announcement on BBC’s ‘This Morning’ earlier this month that he’s in talks to be part of the celebration, fans have been looking forward to the return of Captain Jack in the Whoniverse.

That is until yesterday when his Twitter followers read the following tweets:





Fanboys and fangirls were not only devastated but also outraged by the news. No appearance of Captain Jack? Could this be true or is Barrowman just putting up a smoke screen?

There’s been much talk since that infamous morning show appearance. After he had made the announcement of being in negotiations with the BBC, Barrowman went to Twitter to do what seemed to be damage control and tweeted to his fans that he did not know  in “what capacity or what medium” his involvement would entail and suggested the fans to “calm down.” The next day, however, in an appearance on the ‘Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2’ show with his sister Carole Barrowman, he then became rather tight lipped when asked about whether he would appear or not:

“I have nothing really to say about it. If I get asked a question I try to be as vague but as honest as possible… What’s happened is it’s been taken totally out of context, it’s been twisted and things have been said that I didn’t say so I just have to say at the moment I have no… I don’t want to not give you an answer but I have nothing to say at the moment.”

Carole then added, “The BBC are mad at him.”

Whether BBC would be mad enough to exclude such a fan favorite character is really uncertain but the news is devastating none the less. Barrowman is such a fan of the series and had even arranged with the producers of ‘Arrow’ (who are big Whovians themselves) to give him the time off the series to allow him to film ‘Doctor Who’ if the opportunity arose.

So is this a cover up or is it really as final as Barrowman has tweeted? If Barrowman is not part of the episode, could he be involved in some other aspect of the 50th celebration?

I, for one, am devastated to hear that Captain Jack won’t be a part of the special episode. It was bad enough that he was asked to be a part of ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ but had to bow out because he was filming ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day,’ (insert snarky comment here), but to now hear that another chance to bring the Time Agent back has once again failed is too much! Not to mention that it would have been a return in 3D!

What do you think? Will you be missing Captain Jack?

Source: Twitter, Digital Spy