After the series premiere of ‘Agent Carter‘ last Tuesday (and an encore presentation over the weekend), a brand new episode comes our way tonight on ABC at it’s regular time of 9:00pm ET. And while there’s sure to be some exciting stuff coming our way in ‘Time & Tide’, next week’s episode brings the traditional cameo of a certain comic book legend. But before the fourth chapter in this Marvel Studios mini-series hits the airwaves, we have a special behind the scenes look at the show’s very special guest. has our first look at Stan Lee’s upcoming cameo in episode four of ‘Agent Carter’. The legendary comic writer stopped by for his signature appearance just as he has done for every Marvel Studios production thus far. In the past we’ve seen him portray a mailman, “Hugh Hefner”, a librarian, and Larry King, but this time around the Generalissimo is credited as “man (next to Howard Stark)”. Check out the first peek at where he’ll probably be seen next to Dominic Cooper’s Stark in the show below, followed by another photo of Lee with Cooper, Hayley Atwell, and James D’Arcy and the official synopsis for January 27th’s episode titled ‘The Blitzkrieg Button’:

Peggy may be in more trouble than usual when fugitive Howard Stark suddenly returns for mysterious reasons. And Chief Dooley chases a new clue all the way to Europe that threatens to destroy Peggy’s future at the SSR.

What sort of trouble do you think Stan Lee will be getting into on ‘Agent Carter’? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.

‘Agent Carter’ starring Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, Shea Whigham, Kyle Bornheimer, and Enver Gjokaj airs on Tuesdays at 9:00pm on ABC.