The details of the new ‘Star Trek’ series remain fairly well locked down, and are likely to stay that way at least until August, when the giant-sized Star Trek convention takes over Las Vegas.  This being the franchise’s 50th year of existence, expect the powers-that-be to do things up big for the annual celebration, and what’s bigger than revealing more information – and possibly even the first footage – of the new series.  Heck, even a name for the show would be nice!

In advance of August, however, we are getting a bit of franchise-related news here and there.  Netflix has recently announced that they have not only acquired the license to show all the previous iterations of TV Star Trek worldwide (and extended that already-existing license in the US), they will be showing the new show in 188 countries around the globe, the day after episodes originally air on CBS All Access, the company’s proprietary streaming service.

That’s right, the new series will join classic ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ ‘Star Trek: Voyager,’ and ‘Enterprise’ for over 725 episodes of viewing pleasure.  No specific word could be found as to whether the deal also includes ‘Star Trek: The Animated Series,’ but our guess would be that it does.

Viewers in America and Canada, however, will have to deal without their versions of Netflix featuring the new series, as CBS doesn’t want to cannibalize their potential All Access audience.  For now, North American viewers’ only option will be to pay CBS the $5.99/month for their streaming service; rumor is that the first episode of the new series will air on the CBS national OTA channel before the show moves exclusively to streaming.

From the company’s official press release, Netflix VP of Global Television Sean Carey says:

“Star Trek is one of the most iconic shows in television history and we’re thrilled to partner with CBS to bring the beloved series to Trekkies around the world.  The newest chapter of the story promises to continue the rich tradition of adventure and is sure to excite fans everywhere Netflix is available.”

Source: Collider

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